What do I need for a plan review?
For a Site Plan Review, plans are submitted to the Building Department. The BCFD will ensure the hydrant, roadway and access is adequate for fire apparatus.

For a Building Plan Review, plans are submitted to the Building Department. The Boulder City Fire Department (BCFD) will determine the need for any possible fire life safety protection systems based on the type and size of the structure according to the 2012 International Fire Code plus Southern Nevada Amendments as adopted by the City of Boulder City.

For Fire Protection Plans, plans are submitted to BCFD by the contractor / business owner. Four sets of plans are submitted along with appropriate system specifications, material submittals, flow test paperwork, hydraulic calculations and plans review fees. Plans may take 7 to 14 days for review and the permit processing. Plans will not be processed without payment in full in advance. Work on the project may not begin until the plans have been approved.

Penalties are assessed for working without a permit.

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