Why does the City have to increase utility rates?
As do all utilities, Boulder City faces annual increases in our operating and maintenance cost. Most utility companies raise rates a few percent each year to account for these factors. However, the last time Boulder City raised rates was in 2009. In addition, in an effort to avoid increasing your utility rates during the economic downturn, the City postponed many Capital Projects. Postponing Capital Projects leads to failures and service outages and it is far more costly to conduct emergency repairs than planned replacements. Therefore, this rate increases is necessary to maintain the reliability of our community’s electrical, water, and sewer systems.

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1. Why does the City have to increase utility rates?
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4. Why doesn’t Boulder City get cheap power from all of the solar plants in the Eldorado Valley?
5. What about the City land sales, will those help the Utility Fund?
6. I am a resident and business owner. How will the rate increase affect my monthly bill?
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