Property Lines, Surveys & Monumentation

The City of Boulder City property line information is limited to lot dimensions only. If you wish to find your lot dimensions go the Clark County Assessors website. From there you will simply enter your address and follow the directions.

NRS Chapter 329 Perpetuation of corners section 329.170 states that the county recorder shall maintain records and make records available. The City of Boulder City Public Works Department does not maintain these records.

Locating Property Lines

This information is intended to assist you in locating your property lines. All information is general in nature and should not be considered as legal advice or as a substitute for a survey.

Contact a Registered Land Surveyor for professional service in locating your property line and / or an attorney for legal advice regarding your rights as a property owner.

Property Line Disputes

The Public Works Department does not have surveys showing your private property lines. City staff cannot come to your house to locate your property line or take sides in a dispute over a private property line. Property line disputes between property owners are a legal issue and are not regulated by City ordinances. The Public Works Department will not provide you survey information. This must be done by a licensed surveyor in the State of Nevada.

Benchmark Data

Find Boulder City Benchmark Data (PDF).

Interactive GIS Map

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The Public Works Department is transitioning from manual bidding with document distribution to electronic bidding using a new regional supplier registration and bidding platform, the Nevada Gov eMarketplace. During this transition, please check both systems for bid opportunities. There is no charge for using either service. During the transition period, some new solicitations may still be posted to old system. Historical award data originally posted to the old system will remain available there for a limited period of time. Please visit the new bidding system.